The Evolution of the Microsoft/Intel Netbook: Three generations of mini Windows laptops

Posted in Uncategorized by QuietOC on February 12, 2010

Display Quality

1000HA in foreground with EC1803u behind both displaying black desktops

The low resolution 640×240 16-bit LCD on the 900C was definitely a low point to using the old handheld. The touch screen itself worked fine at least when it was properly calibrated. It was slow with lots of ghosting and low contrast. Microsoft’s Clear Type is also not available on the 900C.

The best angle for both displays?

The 10.1” LED-backlit 1024×600 LCD on the 1000HA is one of the best LCD displays. It can get very bright but still has dark blacks. Even its viewing angles were quite good–more than good enough for a laptop use.

Gateway EC1803u in foreground with Eee PC 1000HA behind

The 11.6” LED-backlit 1366×768 LCD on the Gateway is closer in quality to the old NEC. Displaying a full screen of black results in a gray vertical gradient that merely shifts around at different angles. This is a screen with no good viewing angle, just slightly less miserable ones. The extra resolution is nice and so is the fact that it matches many HDTVs which are very easy to hook up via the HDMI jack.


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