The Evolution of the Microsoft/Intel Netbook: Three generations of mini Windows laptops

Posted in Uncategorized by QuietOC on February 12, 2010

Synthetic Benchmarks: Sandra 2010c

There is minimal differences in the memory subsystem performance of these two machines despite the newer machine being equipped with dual memory channels. Both are running on the old quad-pumped FSB design which originated with the Pentium 4–which is shown in the slow latency in accessing the main memory. The dual channel memory in the Gateway is limited by the FSB. The SU3500 would have just as much available bandwidth with just a single channel of DDR2-800, but the extra channel could benefit the GMA 4500MHD video performance. The N270 in the 1000HA has its memory bandwidth matched by its FSB bandwidth. Both machine can run other FSB to memory ratios with other memory installed. Overclocking the 1000HA is limited by the ability of the memory to also overclock while retaining the SPD timings of the slower speed.

The Gateway recognized a 4 GB DDR2-800 SODIMM and booted with 6 GB of DDR2-800 installed. Vista even reported the 6 GB. I didn’t have a second 4 GB SODIMM to try a 8 GB configuration. The 1000HA would not POST with the 4 GB SODIMM installed, but ran great with one of the 2 GB DDR2-667 modules.


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